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Radio Stations Ranking
Ashven John
Oct 14, 2021 7:39 AM
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 This visualisation represents the performance of the top 14 English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil radio stations.

Our daily listenership data spans from 2005 till 2019. Rank represents the performance of one station against the others whereas Score is the number of daily listeners.

The general trendline shows that Malay language stations generally outperform other languages, with the top performing station throughout the years being Era FM. A close competitor is Sinar FM and was ranked top from 2009 till 2011, after which it remained among the top-three stations.

Tamil language stations also outperform English stations with THR Raaga topping the list. The station managed to grab second spot in 2014, before dropping out of the three.

The highest performing English station is Hitz fm, coming up fourth overall in 2018.

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